Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Love Highway 101& 1.
Drove the Loneliest Highway. 
But really like 395 CA!!!

Here's Why!

All taken just off 395 or not too far off.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Making Tracks

Spring is here in S. CA, actually hot as hell in some parts. 
I'm making my migration north but the weather up there isn't 
suitable to me, just yet, so in Central CA I'll stay till it cooperates.

Leaving these scenes behind. Some of 
you may know where they come from.

Making Tracks

Lone Joshua Tree

Heading for the Mts

In The "Hills"

Shangri La ... Perhaps


Peace till then!

Scene Along The Way

Desert Divas

A Word to The Wise

Spring Is Coming

Dead Wood fresh Flowers

A Mostly Sunny Day

More Divas

Desert Doughnuts

The High Desert Floor


Give Him The Right Of Way

I Bring You Fire!

Weathering Beautifully

High Sierra fence

Cliche Cabin In The Woods

Have A Seat If You Dare

Peace Till Next Time!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The D Word

It seems the desert attracts those of the D word.

Let's see we got Dreamers

A few Derelicts

All the Drifters, sooner or later

Vitamin D lovers in the Winter

The boon Dockers, and some Dorks

Some Dummies, Dopers & Drunkards

But not too many Divas

Me, I fit into a few of these categories


Friday, March 16, 2018

The Art Of My Blog

If you can call it that. Sorry, didn't start at the beginning. I think a change is due to my blog. It started out as a journal of my getting ready to go full time, but I never wrote much. 

It morphed into my journey. I wrote a little. I sort of settled in Oregon
 (for a week only but going back soon) and wrote only a little. 

Some more traveling to get to a good climate. Wrote little. Now that I'm settled into a Full-Time RV life in the Desert there is little to write about, and also not too scenic either. And well I haven't wrote much here either. So I think I will just keep doing what I have been, 
had to laugh at myself while I wrote that. 

I guess there are things I shouldn't do while under 
the influence. But, hey, I got a good laugh.

Ramblin .... 

I think I'll post more photo's. A few words sometimes.

Hope You Enjoy!


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Borrego Springs Photo's

Ricardo Breceda is an artist most well known for his large metal sculptures of animals. He was born in DurangoMexico, but eventually moved to Borrego Springs, California as part of his job. He is unmarried and has a daughter. He originally worked as a cowboy boots salesman and a construction worker, but a construction accident caused him to leave the latter job. He made a metal sculpture of a Tyranosaurus Rex for his daughter after she asked for a dinosaur for Christmas following a viewing of Jurassic Park III.

He continued work on sculptures, and was eventually discovered by a philanthropist named Dennis Avery who paid him to construct more than 100 sculptures on his property at Galleta Meadows Estate based on beasts found in a book he funded that depicts now-fossilized creatures in the Anza Borrego Desert as well as mythological screatures. Notable statues made by Breceda include a stagecoach pulled by horses, a large serpent, and a Tyranosaurus Rex.

Breceda was the subject of a book called "Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist", and his art was cited by both The Huffington Post and the Union Tribune San Diego as reasons why people should visit the Anza-Borrego Desert.

Cool, not?


Almost forgot ...