Friday, July 19, 2019

The Heart Of The Matter

My Heart

Still missing my buddy, always will, but who knows I may be joining her sooner than 
I thought. This Winter after a medication change I got angina. Thought it was from the
new meds, but it didn't go away after I switched back. May have gone to a Dr, sooner
but I was thinking if I had to go in hospital she would be stuck in the desert so we headed
back to Oregon and then she died. Rather here than there I suppose but now it's time to
look after my health for a change. Six months of chest pain before I got to a Dr., well I
figured I would only need a stent as before, my thinking since the pain wasn't as severe
the problem would not be as bad. Wrong, worse, go figure. First time I had a 90% blockage
in the LAD and two others were 10-30% blocked. This time two at 85% and one at 75%

Made an appointment for Angiogram with a Dr I liked, which I had,  but she wasn't an open heart surgeon and this is what's recommended for me to get ...

 A triple Bypass. Anyway my new Dr is not too my liking. 
I view him as a narcissistic asshole. Besides his shortcomings, before 
I met him a nurse was showing me the way out and commented on him "Good Luck With That"
She then quickly says the spelling of his name, but was this a Freudian slip, or God's way
of having me move on? And so I did, after our first meeting I mulled a few of the things 
about him and his procedure which he also should've explained better, especially the part
giving me insulin which I don't want. Many reasons, I can't afford it, you can't get off it after
starting and my mortality rate will not come down as the result of taking it. 

Or probably the other new drugs for diabetes. I guess I must get this under control myself. 

Or possibly leave this body and visit my buddy.

In God's hands!!!


Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Sad Day

My best friend for the past 13 years, my buddy Natasha needed to be 
put to sleep as she was going downhill fast. 
Over the past year she lost 20 pounds, 
five of that in her last 5 days 

She would no longer eat. Vet said her kidneys were shutting down 
& I knew it wouldn't be much longer no matter what I did or didn't do
so while She still had some dignity left  I decided it would be best to 
have it done sooner than later. I sure do miss her, 
she was the best of all the dogs I've ever had. 

Rest In Peace Buddy. 

Natasha Rose: 06.16.06 ~ 06.21.19 13 Years 5 days.

Here she is at 9 years old

May you all Ride in Peace!!!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Don't Tread On Me

Walking my dog in the wash this morning, she came within 1 inch of stepping on this.

Beautiful scenery here in the Desert but she'll be on the leash 
from now on even if it means some blurry photo's.

And now for some scenery!!!

Peace & watch where you step!

Friday, February 15, 2019


As in eating, I eat too fast, but no wait, STOP. 
This is about fasting.

I've done it quite a few times mostly many years ago, 
mostly juice fasts which I'm not sure do the body any good. 
But of late since I have diabetes and would like to get off
of medicine for it, I'm trying to reset my body in hope of reversing
my diabetes which I've read can happen.


Anyway, So what does one eat when one eats only one meal a day. 
Just coming off of a 21 hour fast in which I allowed myself two glasses of wine and two cups of coffee. And now in the span of less than 1 hour I ate a spinach salad with tomato cheese and bacon, 4 eggs fried in bacon fat, and for desert a cup of yogurt. Then some peanuts.

Not sure how many calories but I am full enough. For the past month I have been fasting, mostly 18-19 hours and last night/today 21. Now to try for 24 hours. 

Old photo

I've learned it's easier to fast if you're busy or sleeping. I get a lot of sleep but am not too busy, but not idle either. Mostly editing photo's but also a 2 mile walk with my dog and cooking food 
and cleaning. Maybe weights later, or at least another walk.

Do miss my bread!

So far I have not seen any significant reduction in my morning glucose.
I haven't given up on this yet though either.