Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just about a week in ...

About a week into the New Year

 I made no resolutions, I haven't for years, what I do is make goals which are
as hard or harder. Goal one to lose weight, only because it will help my diabetes.

But the weather, old men and the weather, I'm no different. Anyway the
weather looks dismal for my location for the next two weeks. Quite a bit
of cloudy days and some rain, plus not as warm as last year. 

I was thinking there is a Tree Of Life or so they say,
Shouldn't there also be a Tree Of Death and if so
I think this one could be a contender.

I've started on my book/movie but only in a document type way.
Actually was thinking of calling it "The Document of Bob"

There is some Beauty in the Desert even where I am.

I talk best through my photo's even if no one knows
what I'm saying. Hey I usually don't either.

Nice Sunsets out here.

You can get anywhere from here.

But I think I just need to keep moving ... Further!

Don't tread on me!

Below is the End Of The Line!

Headin' Out Of Yuma!

Shanti, till then!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last Nights Wine

Last night's wine left a smiley face on my paper towel.

Seems like a good sign to me.

So keep on moving, Good Karma ahead!


Monday, December 17, 2018

12 and a 1/2

It's My Birthday 12.16.18
Yes we celebrate 1/2 years too

I've been riding shotgun the past year and have seen so much!

I'm such a lucky dog.

I may have a harder time getting up, but no gray hairs.

I get 2 walks a day 3-4 miles total.

Not bad for an Old Girl.

Dam Coyotes


Monday, December 10, 2018

It All Comes Out In The Wash

It All Comes Out In The Wash
Or Arroyo if you so desire.

Arroyo is a Spanish word for a creek or small river. In its diminutive form it refers to a small brook. It may or may not have water depending on the weather.

A gulch is a small ravine. They are popular sites for prospectors or archeologists because sometimes their sides have been eroded, exposing veins or ore or ancient bones.

A wash is a shallow channel that follows the contours of the land and allows water to flow — or wash — from higher elevations to lower.

All three can be dangerous places to be because a heavy rain several miles away can still bring a flash flood barreling toward an unsuspecting hiker or camper.

Like I said it all comes out in the Wash
And who hasn't lost a sock or two.


Friday, December 7, 2018

Once A Nomad

Always a Nomad. Bought my first van at age 22 customized it, well to the best of my limited ability. Was to travel West with friend. Gas price surge of the 70's came (first one) so I sold it, the van did make it west though, but without me. 

56 Handyman

Had many more and customized most of them for camping etc. Always had the urge to go west and here I am for the third time, first with parents, second in 1988 with my family, and now again. Once a nomad always a nomad.

Need a woman like in the song "Cripple Creek"

Good luck on that Bob!