Friday, August 31, 2018

I'm Just Glad I Don't ...

Live in a Trailer.

Jimmy said it well
but here I am in a Trailer Park

What's a poor boy to do
Well for one thing plan better

Maybe get rid of the Class C with a Toad
For a Class B to lighten my load
And stealth camp without a paved road

All things to consider as I go on down this road

Some photo's while I think

Lot's to think about

Shanti till then!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Oughta' Be A Law

Two Days
Two Different Roads
Chip And Tar Overload

Did see some interesting things along the way though.

Grain Elevator

Stoves For Sale

Nice Farm & Barns

Another Farm Barn

Bulletin Board in Antelope

Didn't see any Antelope, yet anyway.

So until then.


Sunday, August 5, 2018


If you like any of my photo's and want to see more visit ...

There are even some for sale at ...

I shoot a wide variety of subjects as you can see.
I hope you enjoy them.

A Swinomish Morning

Another Coast Another Time

An Eastern Sierra Beauty

Haystack Rock

A Beach Goddess

Ships on the Columbia

Cookies & Coffee

Danger Zone

Flaming Econoline

Farmhouse Fence

Flowers From Above

Fort Canby Lighthouse

Haystack Sunset

Fence On Fire

Solitary Horse

No Beach Access

Photo Shoot at Cannon Beach

Retaining Wall

Roses by the Fence

Stop That, It Tickles

A Pretty Smile

Into The Night

Go In Peace!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Helping Hand

Seaside Oregon

Had some people knock at my (RV) door this past week as they had a blow out and wanted to use my jack. Of course I obliged, but while trying to remove jack from my trunk they found their's and the non-existent spare, unbeknownst to me. I was going to let them use my jack and then since they were traveling together with 2 or more cars they could use the other vehicle to get a tire put on rim and return. But in the meantime I had spare out of my trunk and the owner picked it up. I quickly told him I'm not giving him my spare, He says "You're not" I said NO. I just can't believe people. First they didn't know to look under floor in trunk for a spare and a jack, yet thought I should give them mine. At least after I pumped up their spare It was deemed time to pump mine up too! To top it off it was hot out! I guess it takes all kinds, just hope they learned from the simple lesson given to them today.

Hebo Oregon

And now just because, for no reason, but that I can I 
will add some unrelated photo's to this post. Enjoy!


The "Hand" on 101

Just a Slug

"Frog" at Saturday Market in Eugene.

Peace till then!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Birthday

My pal and trusted confidant turns 12 years old today.
The above site does breed specific aging

So we went to the beach & then got some barbecue chicken.

Some more shots from our years together.

Wrong Side Again

Let's Play


Already Explained

This Dog Loves The Mud

And Car Rides

The Nose Knows

Artsy (?) Photo Of Her Favorite Pool

Go In Peace!