Friday, March 8, 2019

Don't Tread On Me

Walking my dog in the wash this morning, she came within 1 inch of stepping on this.

Beautiful scenery here in the Desert but she'll be on the leash 
from now on even if it means some blurry photo's.

And now for some scenery!!!

Peace & watch where you step!

Friday, February 15, 2019


As in eating, I eat too fast, but no wait, STOP. 
This is about fasting.

I've done it quite a few times mostly many years ago, 
mostly juice fasts which I'm not sure do the body any good. 
But of late since I have diabetes and would like to get off
of medicine for it, I'm trying to reset my body in hope of reversing
my diabetes which I've read can happen.


Anyway, So what does one eat when one eats only one meal a day. 
Just coming off of a 21 hour fast in which I allowed myself two glasses of wine and two cups of coffee. And now in the span of less than 1 hour I ate a spinach salad with tomato cheese and bacon, 4 eggs fried in bacon fat, and for desert a cup of yogurt. Then some peanuts.

Not sure how many calories but I am full enough. For the past month I have been fasting, mostly 18-19 hours and last night/today 21. Now to try for 24 hours. 

Old photo

I've learned it's easier to fast if you're busy or sleeping. I get a lot of sleep but am not too busy, but not idle either. Mostly editing photo's but also a 2 mile walk with my dog and cooking food 
and cleaning. Maybe weights later, or at least another walk.

Do miss my bread!

So far I have not seen any significant reduction in my morning glucose.
I haven't given up on this yet though either.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Scenes Seen

I miss last Winter it was so warm comparatively speaking.
So I'm inside more which gives me time to edit photo's.
And here are some of them!

No Flashing Lights here!
The "Way" there, see above!

What's On The tube tonight?
Little house on the prairie.
Sweet Desolation.
Feelin' Blue
Don't fence me in.
Meeting of the minds or a Head Butt?
Just A Waitin'
Slim Pickins
Who Needs TV when you got T-Rex
Hope you enjoyed.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Nat Is On The Tube

My favorite all time dog is now on the tube, alas at this time B&W only.

Ah, the things you find in the desert.
Well, it made for a good photo opp!

An earlier photo of my girl.

Entitled I Dare You To Take My Ball.

And me I'm now on SmugMug
Don't know what took me so long.
If only I had faster internet.

All for now.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

It's Back

That Desert Wind!

Even the Ants are Hunkered down.

Me Too.


Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Desert Dew

Been in SE CA for about 3 months now and ready to leave but the 
weather is not any better anywhere else I want to go so stay here I will.
Anyway we've had some rain and conditions are ripe for dew.
So without further ado ... Some Dew Shots!

Some Desert Fog & Flowers!

After the storm!

Old tree in the wash!

My favorite dew shot!

Maria Mt's

Not too far away I found these.

And This Also In The Wash!

And a trip to Quartzsite found this work in progress!


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just about a week in ...

About a week into the New Year

 I made no resolutions, I haven't for years, what I do is make goals which are
as hard or harder. Goal one to lose weight, only because it will help my diabetes.

But the weather, old men and the weather, I'm no different. Anyway the
weather looks dismal for my location for the next two weeks. Quite a bit
of cloudy days and some rain, plus not as warm as last year. 

I was thinking there is a Tree Of Life or so they say,
Shouldn't there also be a Tree Of Death and if so
I think this one could be a contender.

I've started on my book/movie but only in a document type way.
Actually was thinking of calling it "The Document of Bob"

There is some Beauty in the Desert even where I am.

I talk best through my photo's even if no one knows
what I'm saying. Hey I usually don't either.

Nice Sunsets out here.

You can get anywhere from here.

But I think I just need to keep moving ... Further!

Don't tread on me!

Below is the End Of The Line!

Headin' Out Of Yuma!

Shanti, till then!