Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Isn't this Cool

Harper Yeats, the baby who embarked on a 4-month road trip across the country, may have just become the youngest member of the All 50 States Club.

On Thursday, Harper, 5 months old, crossed the border of Vermont -- making the Green Mountain State her 50th and final destination.

I'm sure she's a future RV'r


Sunday, October 7, 2018

My One Year Anniversary


My One Year Anniversary of being on the road. It went pretty fast, 
I drove a lot, my dog, Natasha has of this date Pee'd in 23 states. I became 
an Oregon resident then quickly left to avoid the rain.

But returned in April to catch the end of the rain, not bad. 
Spent the Summer on the coast and in the Eugene area with one trip 
to WA which was to end in Montana but smoke was too bad.

While in Eugene visited the Country Fair at Veneta. Liked it! 
Had my first house sit job in Corvallis.That was OK but my pup had 
to sleep in RV and I missed her.  2 weeks only. 

My dog had surgery on a cyst which started bleeding. 
I had a root canal. RV got some upgrades.

And some new tires (2).  
Final taxes came due and that hurt 
:( but it is what it is.

Now I'm heading South for the Winter again, trying to 
miss the rain but you can't always do that.

But at least I didn't have to drive in it much. Presently 
in NV, a few sites I would like to see off the beaten path. 

Camping in BLM land now. Drove too much the first few days, 
because of my usual half hearted planning, must limit the 
miles and take rest days like yesterday, 
slept most of the day and it felt good!

Spent most of my year on my hobby, photography. 
Practice makes perfect or so they say, but it sure can't hurt. 

With that being said I'll post a few shots and mix them within my sparse writing.

I really should have just a photo blog but I like to say a little.

If you like any of my photo's and want to see more visit ...

There are even some for sale at ...

I shoot a wide variety of subjects as you can see.
I hope you enjoy them.

Peace to you all!

Monday, September 24, 2018

How I Spent My Summer

Arrived in Northern California mid April to find it wet and cold but I felt the need to get up here and I'm not sure why now, but I was in Northern Nevada and they were calling for snow so I said Bob "Get to the coast" and I did. 

Spent most of my time traveling the coast and moving from one TT to another. Not too much fun, spent a lot of money and took some good photographs. 
Well not too good but I liked them. 

Went to the Oregon Country Fair something I have been wanting to do for 30 years. Liked it too. Like being around freaks and people high, as they seem to be so less judgmental than the regular population. Also visited the Eugene Saturday Market a few times. Like it there too. 

Wanted to go to Montana and made it to North East Washington
but the smoke was so bad I had to leave.
Then it followed me.

Also wanted to go to Osho but road was too rough. Then I met some people who work there now and was told it is all dismantled. They offered me a free tour but as I said road too rough to proceed further and I turned around.

Felt the heat around Grand Coulee Dam 108F maybe the hottest I ever felt.
Had my first bad reaction to a bee sting arm was swollen for a week.
Also got more mosquito bites this Summer than ever before.
Been high in the Cascades. And everywhere else too!

Spent a lot on repairs and think I was ripped off but got my money back from Les Schwab on a wheel they said needed replaced with wheel balance problem.

Natasha had surgery a couple weeks ago and I was worried but she went thru it fine and no complications! Love my dog. my best friend.
She is now 12.3 Years Young!!!

It seems I'm only happy when I'm leaving or driving. (Soon)

Well enough for now just wanted to write this for whatever reason.

Shanti to All

Friday, August 31, 2018

I'm Just Glad I Don't ...

Live in a Trailer.

Jimmy said it well
but here I am in a Trailer Park

What's a poor boy to do
Well for one thing plan better

Maybe get rid of the Class C with a Toad
For a Class B to lighten my load
And stealth camp without a paved road

All things to consider as I go on down this road

Some photo's while I think

Lot's to think about

Shanti till then!